Dr. Farah Shiraz


Dr Shiraz is the Chief Scientific Officer at Khora, based in Copenhagen Denmark.

She has a PhD in Psychology and over 20 years of applied experience within the mental health sector globally, in research and in a clinical context.

Farah takes leading role in the CHALLENGE product that KHORA has developed using innovative software to aid therapy for people who suffer from auditory hallucinations, specifically, patients with schizophrenia who are hearing malevolent voices.

She will be building the scientific evidence for CHALLENGE by leading and conducting additional trials internationally. In addition, Dr Shiraz will be expanding on the development of applications of VR within the health and mental health field.

Originally from the UK, Dr Shiraz has previously been working as an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore where she was the department lead for promoting and developing global research projects for mental health research across S.E. Asia. She is an expert in mental health, research methods, and psychopathology.

She is passionate about being involved in using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to improve people’s mental health, constantly pushing the boundaries of what the technology can do.

Over the years I have seen the changes within the mental health field and I am passionate about being involved in the utilisation of new innovative methods within the field, specifically the use of virtual and augmented reality technology.