Laura Kusumoto


Laura Kusumoto is a California-based technology innovator, driving the integration of XR technology into the way Meta team members work every day.

Throughout her career, Laura has excelled at busting through the hype to harness the true value of emerging technologies. Prior to her time at Meta, her work with major brands including Deloitte, Disney, Kaiser Permanente, LEGO, and Intuit, leveraged her deep experience as a leader, analyst, and innovator. Her work paved the way for first-mover products such as digital assistants in health care, immersive avatar-based training, automated project planning, and much more. While Laura is fueled by inspiration, she is also grounded in practicality, having learned through many projects that the path between ideas and business value is best traveled with rigor.

11:15am - 11:45am

Ballroom A+B Plenary

Meta's Quest for Employee Well-Being in VR