Lucy Baxter

Queen's University Belfast

I’m a Belfast based Film maker and Film Practice Lecturer working in live action Virtual Reality for the Health and Social Care space with particular interest in the effects of emotional trauma, including the Mental Abuse Matters Project. My work has covered shorts, features, news, drama series and documentaries for broadcasters worldwide, and for cinema and digital release. My book Running a Creative Company in the Digital Age was released in 2017 and I’ve also produced branded content, digital education projects and industry events. My work as producer has won BAFTA and RTS awards, I founded and ran production company Mandrake Films and have since co-founded Darkley Films . I’m a lecturer in film practice at Queens University, co-founded Docs Ireland and am on the board of the Belfast Film Festival, a member of the Centre For Documentary Research and an Industry rep on the Creative Clusters UKRI.

1:30pm - 2:00pm CST

Ballroom A Track 1

How Can Embodied Live Action Virtual Reality Experiences Be Used as Therapeutic Interventions in the Health and Social Care Space?