Mark Anderson


Mark Andersen is the Co-founder and CEO of Lifeliqe, a workforce development and education platform for students to learn visually in digital 3D. Lifeliqe's platform distributes the world's largest digital Science library available in interactive 3D models, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Mark focuses on expanding Lifeliqe's career exploration and job training learning resources into colleges, schools and libraries. Lifeliqe is creating 5 simulations in virtual reality for each of the 4 Community Colleges in Nevada. Lifeliqe's simulations are being integrated into the curricula of each of the Community College's certificate programs. These simulations span healthcare, advanced manufacturing, skilled trade, and IT. Previously Mark was the Business School Chairman at Anglo-American University in Prague where he also taught for five years. For the past twenty years Mark has worked as a marketing leader in tech startups in Silicon Valley. Before getting his MBA from Northwestern University (Kellogg) Mark co-founded a successful startup that grew to 120 employees.