Charles Mudd

Mudd Law

Charles Lee Mudd Jr. is the founder and principal of Mudd Law, a firm recognized internationally for its Internet and space focused litigation and transactional practice. For more than twenty years, Charles and his firm have represented clients with issues at the forefront of Internet technology, including virtual and augmented reality. He is a member of the International Institute of Space Law (IISL). As a corollary to representing space law clients, he advocates developing inclusive and sustainable space policy. In this context, he has attended and spoken at United Nations conferences on Space Law and Policy; served on working groups for both SATCON and Dark & Quiet Skies conferences; provided testimony; and, filed comments on regulatory filings. He serves on the IISL Working Group on Light Pollution of the Night Sky from a Space law Perspective. Since 2017, Charles has completed graduate astrophysics classes and recently became admitted to the Masters of Science in Data Analytics at the University of Chicago. He is a founding member of the Internet Law Leadership Summit; holds memberships in the AAS, AIAA, ECSL, IEEE, and, ITechLaw; and, serves on the board of NewSpace Chicago. He regularly speaks and teaches Internet and space law domestically and internationally.

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Visualizing the Legal Landscape of Virtual Reality in Healthcare