David King Lassman


David King Lassman is an entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in the EdTech and Digital Content spaces. As CEO of GigXR, he leads teams across three continents, building and driving innovation in eXtended Reality (XR) learning and training. The GigXR platform is a distribution system for holographic content used in immersive training to drive learning outcomes and for retraining. The platform’s growing catalogue of applications includes HoloHuman and HoloPatient which is deployed in institutions worldwide, including hospitals, medical and nursing schools. GigXR was recently awarded Gold Status in Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Partner Program. David’s first company, Doublestruck Ltd (UK), provided teacher support software products to over 95% of the UK school market. In 1999, he founded Connextra Ltd, a UK-based Internet business providing online marketing and advertising solutions. David has recently been at the forefront of the flourishing Southern California startup ecosystem, founding and supporting startups while growing his fund, Whitehart Ventures.

1:30pm - 2:00pm CST

Board of Trusts Room Track 3

Mixed Reality for Medical Practice: How Hyper-Realistic, Safe-to-Fail Training is Transforming Global Healthcare Education