Geoffrey Bund


Geoff Bund is Head of Software Partnerships for North America at Varjo. He was the first US employee at Varjo and brought the Finnish company to the US market beginning in late 2018. Geoff established Varjo’s initial businesses in training, automotive, manufacturing and healthcare. He is now focused on growing Varjo’s software and partner ecosystem.

Geoff has been working exclusively in virtual reality hardware and technology for seven years. He founded a VR production house and consultancy, Digital Quilt in 2013 that provided services to a variety of clients exploring virtual reality including Starbreeze Studios and The University of Texas at Austin.

In 2015 Geoff was hired as the third US employee in the Nokia VR program and helped develop and launch the OZO. The OZO was the first dedicated professional VR camera capture system. He worked as part of both the product and content relations team leading and producing VR, MR and volumetric capture productions in addition to developing productized hardware accessories for the camera itself. In this capacity, Geoff also technically supervised numerous live and award-winning VR productions including Dancing with The Stars, Austin City Limits, and The Argos File.

Before focusing on virtual reality, Geoff led 3D camera teams on major motion pictures such as The Amazing Spiderman and Dawn of The Planet of The Apes.

Geoff is passionate about finding useful applications for cutting edge technology and is excited to be presenting at IVRHA.

3:30pm - 4:00pm CST

Ballroom B Track 2

Current Varjo Use Cases in Healthcare